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Gospel Singer
Music Composer


Prudence Winrow, a native of Earlsboro, Oklahoma and later raised in Phoenix, Arizona began singing at the age of 7.  She had been brought up under the tutelage of God-fearing parents who were ministers and musicians.  Prudence inherited their talents, which paved the road to her musical career. 

While in high school, she began to sing at churches, schools, and social affairs; and, the urge to sing doubled, becoming a dominant force.  She later traveled from state to state, doing what she loved to do best – SING!!  Prudence was often chosen to perform as lead singer in acapella choirs, and the college oratorio society.

After years of singing, Prudence has reached one of her desired goals, which is the recording of several of her own signature songs.  She has not only “inked” her own music but, she interestingly arranges her own compositions.  In addition, she has a repertoire of over 1,000, unrecorded, songs.

Prudence has, and continues, to inspire others with her spiraling and uplifting music as she brings joy into the hearts of many of her listeners.

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